Friday, August 5, 2011

5 months

Sorry for the delay!  Jojo turned 5 months on July 28th.  He is continuing to grow WAY to fast and amaze me everyday.  Here is the monthly update

Height and weight- approximately 26 and 16 lbs

Eyes and hair-  still brown.  I doubt these ever change

Clothes- currently wearing 3, 3-6, and some 6 month

Eating-big boy is now taking 6 oz bottles about every 4 hours and is having cereal twice a day 

Movement- Jojo is still a mover.  He is hardly ever still except when he is sleeping.  He is getting pretty good at sitting up but still needs some help, will get up on his knees, and rolls everywhere, and has started playing and holding his binker.  Will take it out of him mouth and put it back in

Sleeping- is getting better he almost makes it through the night.  We are almost there.  

Words/sounds- babbles alot.  Especially in the morning.

Loves- rolling around, looking at himself in the mirror, peek a boo, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and his butterfly

Hates- getting waiting til you get him out of the car seat and sometime he hates sitting in the back by himself.

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