Wednesday, December 29, 2010

31 Weeks!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.  We were sure busy.  But its nice to be with family and friends. 

Baby M is still a mover and a shaker.  Some night when I am sitting on the couch it looks like I am having an earthquake in my stomach.  It's so funny.  This pregnancy is nothing like I thought it would be.  I was expecting the worst and got the best. 

This week, baby measures over 16 inches long. He weighs about 3.3 pounds about four navel oranges) and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin. He's probably moving a lot, too, so you may have trouble sleeping because your baby's kicks and somersaults keep you up. Take comfort: All this moving is a sign that your baby is active and healthy.  Baby M's facial muscles continue to strengthen, and he can make different expressions. His lungs are nearly mature; however, these last few weeks are crucial to healthy and complete lung development. Baby M can now process information from all five senses.

We are getting closer to a name as well, finally.  Jason has narrowed it down to 3 names.  I like them all.  It's going to be up to him to make the final decsion.

It's back to the doc next week and I also meet with the peditrican.  I hope all continues to go well.  Will update next week.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.  Wishing you all health and happiness is 2011.

Love to all-
Jina and Baby M 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

30 Weeks!

I am having a hard timing grasping that I am 30 weeks pregnant.  It seems like yesterday I found out.  Baby M will be here before we know it.  It's so hard to believe.  Things continue to go in a positive direction.  I had my doctor appointment this morning.  She is please with how good this pregnancy has been.  Heart beat was about 140.  Baby M must not have like being interrupted today cause he kicked the doctor.  It was cute.  I go back in another two weeks. 

Baby M is about the size of this little guy.  Hard to believe.  He should weigh about 3 lbs and be about 15.5" long at less hairy and of course cuter. Fingernails and toenails are finally finished parents great fear and anguish the first time they try to cut those little daggers! Plus, the bone marrow is completely in charge of red-blood-cell production now.  Baby is starting to shed his lanugo—the downy hair that was covering his skin. Now that he's chubbier and better able to regulate his body temp, he doesn't need to sport a fur coat 24/7.  

Hope everyone is ready for the holidays.  I am trying to get there.  I haven't been this far behind ever.  Oh well this month has surely been hectic.  

Jason, Baby M, and I wish you all a Merry Christmas.  Til next week.

Love to all

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

29 weeks!

Another week in the books.  Seemed like a busy hectic week.  Christmas is right around the corner and I am barely ready.  Finally started shopping last night.  Got most everything accomplished.  Hoping to finish tomorrow when Jason and I go shopping.  Then all that will be left is the dreaded wrapping.  I hate to wrap presents.  Oh well its part of the job.  On to the update on Baby M.

Had to believe I am 29 weeks.  Doesn't seem quite possible.  baby M is the size of a squash or a loaf of bread.  He probably weighs between 2.5-3 lbs and is about 15" long.  Muscles and lungs continue to develop.  His head is getting bigger to make room for his ever growing brain.  In the next 11 weeks baby will double if not triple his current weight. Baby M is on the move more frequently and his movements are sometimes pretty vigorous as well.  This week his eyes are able to move in sockets.  Baby M will also start  to store iron, calcium, and phosphorous.

Back to the doctor next week.  Hope everyone stays warm this week.  Til next week....

Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

Thursday, December 9, 2010

28 weeks

Yet another week has come and gone.  It's so hard to believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone.  It has definately not been what I expected, but in a good way.  I am still barely showing although you can tell more and more especially with different things I wear.  

So far this week has started off as a busy week.  Turning 28 weeks yesterday I had to get my rhoGam shot.  Overall it wasn't too bad just a long process.  I arrived at the hospital at 8am and needed to preregister as an outpatient.  I waited my turn and when I was called back they told me they needed and authorization code for the shot to be given.  They can not obtain it so they had to call the doc's office and have them get the code and then call back. After and hour and a half I was on my way up to the lab.  Upon arriving I needed to wait my turn again.  No big deal.   There was one tech and one supervisor.  I beleive the tech to be new because the supervisor yelled at her 3 times before I went back.  I was a little nervous about that.  I have a pretty good vein in my left arm that everyone uses.  Not this girl, instead she went for a vein in my forearm.  Weird I thought and of course now I have a nice bruise from her as well.  After getting finished they explained that it would take 3 hours for the blood work to be processed, I could leave and come back for the shot later or come back the next day.  I choose to go back in 3 hrs.  Off to work finally.  Once I got back to the hospital the supervisor had told me to come back there and then they would take me to the next place.  Went to second floor and met a lady that checked my wristband and name and she then went to get my shot.  She wasn't the one to give it to me.  After she handed me the bag she took me in a maze to where I would recieve my shot.  Was there about half hour and I was finally done.  It was such a process.  It had to be done but I was tired from all the waiting and running back and forth.  So rhoGam is complete.  Thank goodness.  We are still undecided on a name.  Jason is NOT much help in this department.  Stay turned I may post another name poll.  My front runner of Caleb has been vetoed. 

Today I had my doctor appointment, another waiting game.  Got there about 10 mintues early and wasn't seen til 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time.  I don't mind waiting if there is a legitamit reason but when I can hear you BSing with other docs and nurses this doesnt qualify.  After finally getting seen which take all of about 5-10 minutes.  All is well Baby M is still going strong.  Heartbeat was 154-156.  He as really been kicking me the last 2 days and heartburn is a killer.  It will all be worth it when he is here with us, which won't be too much longer. 

Baby M's lungs are able to breathe air, so if he were to be born he might need too much medical help to breathe.  The major job baby has to complete is the finishing touches on the major organs systems, such as his brain, lungs, and liver.  Up until now brain appeared smooth, now the brain is becoming more mature and forming grooves that we associate with the human brain.Eyes are capable of opening this week as well.  They were covered by eyelid folds.  Baby M is about the size of a bag of flour and weighs approximately 2.2 lbs.

Hopefully the rest of the week settles down.  We have Jason's Christmas party tomorrow night.  I am hoping for a peaceful week and no bad weather that they are calling for.  

Til next week-
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

27 Weeks!

Hard to believe it has been 27weeks.  Time is sure flying by.  Before we all know it Baby M will be here.  I for one can't wait to meet the little guy.  Skin is still wrinkled and will stay this way til a few weeks after birth when it will smooth and stretch itself out.  Retinas are developing and will be able to adjust to light images.  Just like most babied Baby M's eyes are blue and will prob be blue at birth.  The big question is whether they will change after the first few months.  Baby M will continue to begin developing his own sleep and wake patterns.  Hopefully they are the same as mommy's but I am sure they won't be.    He is still pretty active little guy letting me know he is in there an doing well.  Next week will be a busy week for me.  I will have my rhoGam shot on Wednesday, doctor appointment Thursday, and Friday is Jason's Christmas party.  Stay tuned for next weeks updates.

Til then......
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

Monday, November 29, 2010

26 Weeks a little late!

Sorry for the delay with my weekly update.  I was on the road Wednesday and didn't have computer access over the weekend.  My doctor appointment went well.  Baby M's heartbeat was 140-142.  Doctor said everything was good with my blood work and the glucose test, thank heavens.  Thanks for all the prayer that got me through that too.  I will know start going to the doctor every 2 weeks.  My next appointment will be 12/9.  I also have to get my rhoGram shot next week. This shot takes 2 hours.  Not looking forward to that. 

As far as Baby M's growth this week brainwaves for the auditory and vision are separate and can be detected in baby's brain this week.  The heart has starting pumping blood more and a more prominent heartbeat can be heard.  Circulation is 100% functional.  Umbilical cord has grown in and is circulating blood to baby.  Baby M is almost 2 lbs and 12.8" in length.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.  I have many things to be thankful for this year. 

Til Wednesday-
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

25 Weeks!

Between the week 25-28 Baby M will be the size of an eggplant.  Measuring 13.6"-14.8" in length and weighing approximately 1.5-2.2lbs.  Fingernails are fully formed and Baby M can make a fist.  Brain and nerve endings are developed and he can feel the sense of touch.  If you were to look inside my tummy you may see him feeling around.  Arms and legs are almost the proportions they will be at birth.  Baby M's spine is starting to form this week producing 33 vertebrae, 150 joints, and 1000 ligaments.  Nostrils will begin to clear this week and baby will be able to start practicing breathing. 

This Saturday I will be going for my gestational diabetes test.  Please remember me in your prayers.  Hoping it is smooth sailing for me.  I go to the doctor next Wednesday.  My update will probably be late that day.  After my doctor appointment I am off to Cumberland for a dentist appointment and to start the prep for Thanksgiving dinner.  I love being able to make dinner for my family even though it can be chaotic. 

Hope everyone has a great week.  Til next week

Love to all- Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

24 Weeks!

I think I might be in trouble.  This little man sure is an active little fella at times.  WOW!  But it's great.  I am so happy to be blessed with such a gift.  I can't wait to meet him.  As far as development goes he is growing by leaps and bounds.  Baby M is approximately 11" and 1.2-1.5 lbs.  He should start gaining more weight  more rapidly.  Inner ear is developed and he can sense his movements as well as mine.  Organs are continuing to mature.  Lung are also busy developing branches which will start producing surfactant which will help Baby M's lungs from sticking together and help him breathe after birth.  He also has control of his senses.  Last but not least Baby M is developing white blood cells to help fight off disease and infection. 

The house was a buzz over the weekend.  Jason was home by himself having to work Saturday.  When I arrived home Sunday he had been quite busy.  Had had stripped the baby's room and taped it up for painting. The daunting task of stripping the dresser was attempted as well.  Jason said it's going to take to much to strip and refinish so we will be looking for a dresser for the room as well.   He also has started the process of installing the ceiling fan.  Last night he patched 3 holes from where nails had popped the drywall.  Jason has to work this weekend as well maybe he will get he room painted.  I am grateful he is able to do all this work himself. 

Til next week-
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

What a difference a year makes!

Here are the 3 little miracles as I call them.  They celebrated their first birthday on Friday November 5.  It hasn't been an easy year for Clint and Amy.  But with the support of their family and friends they have made it through.  I know it has been very tiring at times.  They have come so far in a year.  They are strong healthy and beautiful babies.  I am happy to be their aunt.  Below are some photos that have been taking throughout the year.  Hang in there Clint and Amy its can only get easier and better from this point

Stockings full of Hope
First photo shoot

Welcome to the world!  You are so loved!
Summer Fun

No tricks all treats

Happy Birthday!  One year photo shoot
Cake time

We can wait to see what the next year has in store for you guys.  We love you!  Aunt Gigi and Uncle Jason

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Help Pick Baby M's name

Please take a few minutes to vote in the poll for Baby M's name.  This is a hard task.  All input in appreciated.

23 weeks

Hi everyone.  Hope everyone is doing well.  This week Baby M has been more active.  He is moving all around getting his exercise.   Baby M is the size of a small doll.  In another 17 weeks we will be able to hold our very own little doll.  I am excited for that.  Blood vessels in lungs are developing to prepare Baby M for breathing on his own.  Skin is more red and less see through.  Baby M may also start getting the hiccups that I can feel and his eyes are able to open.  

Everything seems to be going well this week too.  

I want to send out a special CONGRATS to Austin for wining the Superbowl this weekend.  I am proud of you buddy.  

This weekend should be full of fun.  The triplets turn one.  Their birthday party is Saturday.  It's hard to believe that it has been a year already.  I will dedicate my next blog to them with some updated pictures.

Hope everyone has a great week.  
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Baby M is now the size of a papaya, weighing in at about a pound and is 10.5-11.8".  Sleep cycles are being practiced with Baby M sleeping about 12-14 hrs a day.  A cute little face is fully formed along with eyebrows and eyelashes.  Baby M is able to perceive light and dark as well as hear outside noise.  This baby will be another country music lover.  HAHA.  Music to babies ears are voices, heart beat, and blood circulating.  

I had my doctor appointment today.  Everything is going well.  Heart beat was 152-154.  Doctor was pleased with the sonogram results, weight gain, and heart beat.  My next visit will be the day before Thanksgiving.  I am to have my glucose screening a few days before I go.  I am dreading that.  Hopefully all goes well.

That's all for this week. 

Til next time
Love to all-   Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi everyone, Baby M here with this weeks update.  I am busy, busy, busy growing.  A large banana is how big I am this week, weighing about 12.7 oz and 10.5" long.  My facial features are formed and my hair is growing.  I sometimes practice sucking my thumb and yawning.  I have also being busy practicing swallowing and digesting amniotic fluid.  My taste buds are fully formed and I am begining to taste things momma eats.  That woman sure does like ice cream. Everything in here is fine and I can't wait to meet everybody when I make my debut.

Hope everyone has a great week. 

Til next week.....
Love to all,
Baby M

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

20 Weeks!

Half way there.  It's really hard to believe it has been that long.  Not much of an update today.  I have already shared our good news.  We are truly blessed to be expecting a baby!  Jason is excited that we are having a boy. 

Baby M is now the size of a cantaloupe.  He is approximately 6.5" long and weighs 10.6 oz.  Sleep patterns have been established.  Hopefully they are better than his mommy's. 

One more exciting thing I forgot to share is that I have felt some flutters from the little man.  I was caught off guard at first.  But after talking with friends that's what I was feeling.  Hopefully soon I start looking pregnant as well.  I can tell a little bit but if you didn't know you wouldn't think I was pregnant.  Overall everything is going well.  Keep us in your prayers that the last half of the pregnancy goes as well as the first. 

Til next week.....
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sonogram pics 19w2d

Thanks Shannon for making them awesome.

It's a BOY!!

Hi everyone.  Surprise, we are having a boy!  Jason and I went Friday to have our sonogram done.  It was a surprise to everyone.  We didn't share that we were going because it was a surprise for my mom's birthday.  We arrived at CRA in Geramntown and I was nervous.  Not sure why but I was.  That's me though.  We registered and it was long til we were watching our little angel on the screen.  It is so amazing to be able to see the baby.  The tech asked if we wanted to know and of course I was like of course.  Jason was his calm and cool self.   I swear I don't know what would get him excited.  He is very happy he is getting his boy.  I am as well.  It is such a great feeling. 

We took my mom out for supper Saturday night for her birthday.  I invited Jason's mom and Elmer to come along.  This was all party of my plan.  No one was any wiser.  I had ordered a cake with BLUE icing to reveal that's is what were having.  That plan backfired.  We weren't allowed to take the cake in.  Good thing I had a back up plan.  I had copied the sonogram picture and put a blue polka dot border around it and It's a BOY!  I gave them face down to Mom, Bev, and Gran.  Said Jason and I got all the mom's a present.  When they turned them over they were all surprised.  It was great to share that with everyone.  So now we are going to be the proud parent of a little boy in March.  Words can not express how happy we are.

Til Wednesday.....
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

19 Weeks!

Hi everyone.  This week Baby M is the size of a mango, wieght is approximately half pound and about 6" in length. Neurons have now connected brain and muscles.  Movements are more fluid.  Baby M's kidney are now functioning.  If you were able to see into the baby's mouth Baby M's gums are starting to develop teeth.  Feet measure approximately 1" long. 

As far as I can tell everything is going the way it should.  I still feel good overall.  I do have my moments  though.  Jason and I have cleaned out the closet in the baby's room and are going to start stripping the dresser to refinish it.  We have also decided on a crib.  My next challenge is to get Jason to agree to paint the room.  I have decided on the bedding for both a boy and girl.  Now we just have to wait and see what we are having.

Hope everyone has a good week.  Be back next week with another update.

Love to all,
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

18 WEEKS !!

Gettin'  bigger and better every week.  Baby M is now the size of a sweet potato, measuring approximately 5.6" and 6.7 oz.  Sense of smell, taste, and sight are continuing to develop.  Baby M now has two distinct skin layers, the dermis and epidermis.  Yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, and punching are Baby M's favorite activities these days.  I should be able to feel them soon.

I had my doctor appointment this morning.  Everything is going well.  I gained another pound, that's good.  Heartbeat was 149 and all my blood work came back normal, thank God.  Thanks for all the prayers as well.  I don't have to go back til the end of October. 

We are going to have a busy weekend this weekend.  Jason's sister is getting married Saturday.  It will be a whirlwind.  I am looking forward to seeing some friends I don't get to see very often.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and we will talk to you all next week.

Love to all,
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Austin!

Happy Birthday to a great little guy that is growing up so quickly.  Austin is fun, shy, and loving little guy.  He is doing so well in school and is excelling at sports.  His favorite is football and he says he is moving to TX to play for the Cowboys.  He wants his mom Stephanie to be his maid and to have a fountain of himself in front of his house.  I am very fortunate to get to spend alot of time with Austin.  It is hard to believe how much he is growing up.  I love you buddy and hope you have the best day ever.

17 weeks!

Moving on up.  Baby M is now the size of an onion.  Which is about the size of your palm and about 5 oz.  The heart beat is now being regulated by the brain so no more irregular heartbeats.  Baby M is also developing body fat.  Fingers and toes now have their own unique set of finger and toe prints.  Baby M is also practicing survival skills such as sucking and swallowing so he/she will be ready for the world.  Another important development is the skeleton is now hardening into bones.  All and all things are going great still.  We go back to the doctor in a week.  I will update after my appointment.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Love to all,
Jina and Baby M 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

16 Weeks!

I am an avocado today.  Things are moving right along as I continue to grow.  I now weigh about 3-5 oz and I am approximately 4-5" long.  My eyes are now working and I can look side to side and detect light, even though my eyelids are still sealed.  My eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are filling in.  Hopefully I won't be bald when I am born.  I am able to practice making faces and my facial muscles are developing.  My taste buds are now formed and I can hear thanks to my tiny bones in my ears developing.  I have also developed my fingernails and toenails.  Pretty soon Mommy should be able to feel me moving around.  It won't be long til Mommy and Daddy are able to find out if I am a boy or girl.  What an exciting day that will be.

Thanks to everyone for praying for me and keeping up with me as I grow into a little person. 

Til next week .......

Love to all,
Baby M

Monday, September 13, 2010

Doctor Appointment Update

Hi everyone.  Just got back from the doc's.  Everything is going good and I have finally gained a pound.  Heartbeat was 152.  Doc was pleased with the weight gain.  She said I should gain between 15-20 lbs my whole pregnancy.  I go back again in 2 weeks just to make sure things are still continuing to go the right way. I am on my way now for some blood work.  Say a prayer all the test come back normal.  

Until Wednesday......

Love to all,
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

15 Weeks!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  Mine was busy as usual not much time for rest and relaxation.  One day I will be able to rest, I hope. 

As far as Baby M things are still going smooth.  At 15 weeks Baby M's legs are now longer than his/her arms and is able to wiggle toes and fingers.  Also, Baby M is moving all around even though I can't feel it yet.  Baby M's heart is growing strong and pumping 20-25 quarts of blood a day.  Breathing movements is another think Baby M is practicing. Weighing in at about 2.5 oz and about 4 inches long Baby M is the size of my favorite fruit, the navel orange.  We have a doctor appointment on Monday, I will update after the appointment.  

Have a great week and weekend everyone.  I am going to my second to last concert his weekend with my friend Tracy.  I hope its a good one.

Til Monday.
Love to all,
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome Second Trimester 14 Weeks!

Today makes 14 weeks.  So far so good.  Baby M is still continuing to grow and is now about the size of a large lemon.  Baby M is about 1.5 oz and 3.4" long.  Liver, kidney, and spleen are still developing.  Baby M is busying sucking her/his thumb and wiggling toes.  Baby M is also starting to sport a fur coat.  This is called languo (thin downy hair) to keep Baby M warm.  Over time as body fat builds languo will stop growing so I won't be giving birth to a hairy little monkey.  Overall, I continue to feel pretty good.  I am very thankful to have made it this far without being terribly ill. 

I have a very busy weekend coming up but what new.  I hope everyone has a very happy and safe long Labor day weekend. 

Til next week,
Jina and Baby M

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13 Weeks!

Baby M is now the size of a large peach.  Ears are developed and tiny bones are forming in arms and legs.  Vocal cords are under construction and kidneys are functioning.  Baby M is approaching normal proportions, with head being 1/3 the size of the body.  I am beginning to fell less tired and have slightly more energy. 

We went to to doctor today.  Baby M's heart beat was 158.  So good to hear that sounds.  All my blood work came back normal.  I am Rh negative which mean I will have to get a shot when I am 28 weeks.  Not sure if that entails anything else.  I have to have another visit in 2 weeks due to weight loss.  Who knew it would be so hard to gain weight.  So all and all Baby M and I are doing well.  Keep us in your prayers. 

Love to all,
Jina and Baby M

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Haley!

Today is a very special day.  Haley turns 12 today.  It is so hard to believe my little buddy is 12.  It seems like just yesterday I went to the doctor with Steph and got to hear her heartbeat.  A truly amazing experience.  Haley and I are very close.  I am very blessed to have a such a wonderful little person in my life.  Haley is a very kind, caring and helpful little girl.  I am so glad I have been fortunate to be a part of her life.  I look forward to many more years with her.  She is super excited for Baby M.  She will be a huge help. I love you Haley Bugs !  Hope you have a great birthday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Boy or Girl

You decide.  Take a minute to vote in the Baby M Poll.  According to the Chinese Gender prediction we are having a GIRL!  Only time will tell. 

Week 12

Well another week has come and gone.  Not much to post this week.  We had a busy weekend as usual.  It looks like that is how life will be from now til October.  Saturday I made cupcakes for Allie's shower and went to a wedding reception and Sunday was Allie's bridal shower.  I also picked up my dress for Allie's wedding over the weekend.  I was really scared about this.  I told them to order me a smaller size then they had measured me.  So of course I was freaking out once I found out I was pregnant.  But lo and behold...... it fit.  Not only did it fit it is actually big at the top.  Whew.  What a relief, I have some room for expansion.  LOL! 

As for baby M he or she is growing right along.  12 weeks today only 28 to go.  Baby M is now 2 1/2" long and the size of a large plum.  Most of baby's systems are fully formed, but there is still alot of growing to do.  For the most part I am still feeling pretty good.  I did have a migraine on Monday which wasn't fun.  But we survived.  Next week I have my doctor's appoinment so stay tuned for an update.  Hope you all have a great week!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11 Weeks!

Two posts in one day, I wouldn't get used to it.  As of today I am 11 weeks.  So far so good.  I have been very fortunate and have not had any morning sickness.  My biggest complaint is that I am always tired.  But I will take that over morning sickness anytime.  It still seems surreal that this is happening.  I don' really feel pregnant other than the tiredness and soreness if I do too much or lift a lot.  Jason is being great through all of this.  He really is a great husband and I think he will be an awesome father.  As of today our bay is the size of a LIME.  This week baby M will be growing hair follicles and fingernails.  Hands and feet are now in front of the body and fingers and toes are no longer webbed.  Way to go baby M.  Keep it up and continue to grow.  We love you!


Hi everyone this is my first post.  As many of you know Jason and I are expecting our first little miracle in March.  It has been suggested that I start a blog to document this journey.  Several of my friends have a blog and I really enjoy reading them and keeping update with their lives and children.  So here we go. 

On July 6, 2010 I took a home pregnancy test that gave me a positive result pretty much right away.  I was shocked and scared all at the same time.  First thing I did was tried to call Jason, and of course he didn't answer.  So the whole way to work I was thinking to myself that I couldn't have read the test right.  I had decide to buy another test and retest when I got home.  Well Jason finally called me right after I got to work of course.  Me being the emotional mess I am started bawling as soon as I heard his voice.  He said "Goob what's wrong?"  I said, " Nothing I hope but I think you are going to be a daddy."  He was happy instantly and said" Well congrats Goob!"  That made me laugh and I said, " Congrats to you too!"  After that I was still trying to let it all sink in.  It was so surreal.  As I promised myself I did buy another pregnancy test at lunch a digital one this time so this dummy couldn't second guess it.  Once again low and behold "PREGNANT" popped up.  So I had to face the fact I was pregnant. 

This is something I have always wanted.  There were so many emotion going on I wasn't sure what to feel.  The hardest thing for me was not telling our families until after I went to the doctor.  I am sure many think I am weird for doing that but I always said when I got pregnant no one would know until after I went to the doctor. so I kept my mouth shut for almost a month.  It was very hard because Jason and I are both close to our families.  But I am glad I waited.

My first appointment was on July 30th, also my nephews birthday.  I was so worried, scared, and anxious.  I didn't know what to expect.  I am a planner and would much rather know whats coming at me.  I thought the appointment would last for a couple hours.  Not exactly sure why but that was my thinking.  Of course  that wasn't the case either.  I was in and out of there in about 20 minutes.  What a relief.  I got to see the lil peanut and hear the heartbeat.  It was amazing.  When I left I had to get blood work done.  I wasn't supposed to go home til the following weekend but I couldn't wait.  So I called Jas to let him know everything was ok and I was on my way. 

After my blood work, I stopped in Hagerstown and picked up a few gifts to announce the good news.  I broke the news to my mom and gran first.  They were so excited.  Next was Jason's mom, grandmother, and sister.  Again, very excited. We have been blessed with great family and friends.  Everyone is very happy for us and has been very supportive.  I just ask that everyone keep us in your thoughts and prayers for a healthy pregnancy and birth of Little Malone.   Just keep in mind everyone.......  Good things do come to those who wait!