Friday, December 30, 2011

10 months old

In two short months my baby will be a year old.  I don't like it.  He is sure growing so fast.  But I love watching him learn new things and grow and change.  I wish he would stay little forever. 

Overall Jojo had a great month.  He still has a darn cold.  I wish it would go away completely but it is lingering.  Here is what Jojo has been up too.

*He is still crusing around like crazy

*Favorite word and person is Momma (hope this never changes)
*Will stand for a couple seconds by himself

*Still eats well except he hasn't been taking his bottle too well.
*His bottom 2 teeth are in and he is working on his top fangs and front tooth.  My own little vampire 

*Sleeps like a champ most nights.  
*Waves "Hi" and "Bye"
*Shakes his head no
*Love any and all balls

*Puffs, cherrios, and Yogurt melts are favorites

Not sure of his length this month but his weight is 20lbs 11.5oz.  He is truly the light of my life.  His smile melts my heart.  I am truly blessed to call this little one mine. 

Happy 10 months little man.  Momma loves soooooooo very much!

Jojo's 1st Christmas!

It's hard to believe the year of Jojo's firsts is almost over  We had a great Christmas.  It wasn't as overwhelming as I expected. Traditionally we have Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.  I made dinner and then we open presents.  Jojo wasn't into this very much as the paper and the boxes were way more interesting than anything else.  He is sooooo very blessed to have the family he does.  Everyone loves and adores him.  He made out like a bandit of course.
Granny with her great grankids

Me and my Gran
I love this thing.  Ooooo it has a corn.
Christmas morning Jojo opened a couple of his gifts from Santa.  He still wasn't into it all that much.  So we opened a few and then I made pancakes for breakfast.  Jojo took a nap and then we were off to Granma Pat's. 
What is this for me?

Jojo's first stocking.  Thanks Mimi

Corn break.  No matter where he is he love his corn.  A true Malone

This box is yummy
We were one of the few to arrive early to Granma Pat's so Jojo got to open his present from Aunt Allie before everyone got there.  He loved his Lightning McQueen. 
What is it?

happy boy!

My first race car
After a bite of lunch we finished opening presents before Jojo and Daddy took their afternoon nap.  Jojo liked this package in particular because of the fancy ribbons. 

I got a penguin

I looove this ribbon

We had one more round of gifts after that but I failed to take any pictures. After Granma Pat's we went to Bev to open presents with Clint and Amy, the triplets, and Allie and Chris.  We had a very nice day and it is always nice to spend time with family.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's finally starting to look ....

at lot like Christmas around the Malone household.  Jason finally brought the tree up last week and Jojo and I decorated it last Thursday.  I didn't go all out decorating the house.  We just have the tree in the sun room and the mantle decorated.  In the dining room is a little fiber optic tree in our bay window.  I love our Christmas tree.  I think it is the prettiest tree ever.  Not bad for buying it online and never actually seeing it. 
This weekend I stayed home and tried to get caught up around the house.  I got everything accomplished that I wanted to except for shopping.  I really need to get my butt in gear.  I took some pictures of Jojo intending them to be for our Christmas cards. Turns out I didn't use any of the ones I had it mind but a completely different one.  Here are a few of the ones I had considered.

Monday, December 12, 2011

9 month check up!

Friday Jojo had his 9 month check up.  Everything is going well.  He seems to be right on target or a little ahead of most.  Jojo is in the 50% for height and weight and 75% for head.  It's hard to beleive that Jojo will be one in a couple of months.  I will leave you with a picture I snapped right before the doctor came.  This is pretty much Jojo all the time. Happy as can be. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

9 months !

Its so hard to believe Jojo is 9 months old as of Monday.  Father Time is an evil, evil man for making my baby grow up so fast.  It seems like yesterday that Jojo was born and was so tiny.
The last month has been and eventful month for us.  Jojo has been sick, gotten 2 teeth, celebrated his first Thanksgiving and is cruising more than ever.  He is becoming more vocal and really can see his personality coming through.  Jojo is such a blessing to me. 
We have our 9 month doctor appointment next Friday.  I will update his stats then but I am guessing he is about 30" and 20lbs.  He has grown out of almost everything we have for him.  I am trying to wait to buy things until after Christmas.  Jojo is a wonderful eater.  I hope he continues.  He eats, eats and eats some more. 

He is cruising everywhere and sometime tries to stand by himself.  He is never still.  Jojo's favorite time to talk is when I am feeding him.  Not sure why but he says "Momma" the whole time.  When I tell him no, he talks back.  It's cute for now.  I am sure there will become a point I won't find it very cute. 

We had a family fall photo shoot this past month as well.  The pictures of Jojo by himself are great.  I don't think he liked sharing the spotlight with Mommy and Daddy.

I thank God every day for Jojo.  He is the most precious gift I could ever have received.  My life in complete with him.