Friday, December 2, 2011

9 months !

Its so hard to believe Jojo is 9 months old as of Monday.  Father Time is an evil, evil man for making my baby grow up so fast.  It seems like yesterday that Jojo was born and was so tiny.
The last month has been and eventful month for us.  Jojo has been sick, gotten 2 teeth, celebrated his first Thanksgiving and is cruising more than ever.  He is becoming more vocal and really can see his personality coming through.  Jojo is such a blessing to me. 
We have our 9 month doctor appointment next Friday.  I will update his stats then but I am guessing he is about 30" and 20lbs.  He has grown out of almost everything we have for him.  I am trying to wait to buy things until after Christmas.  Jojo is a wonderful eater.  I hope he continues.  He eats, eats and eats some more. 

He is cruising everywhere and sometime tries to stand by himself.  He is never still.  Jojo's favorite time to talk is when I am feeding him.  Not sure why but he says "Momma" the whole time.  When I tell him no, he talks back.  It's cute for now.  I am sure there will become a point I won't find it very cute. 

We had a family fall photo shoot this past month as well.  The pictures of Jojo by himself are great.  I don't think he liked sharing the spotlight with Mommy and Daddy.

I thank God every day for Jojo.  He is the most precious gift I could ever have received.  My life in complete with him.

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