Friday, December 30, 2011

10 months old

In two short months my baby will be a year old.  I don't like it.  He is sure growing so fast.  But I love watching him learn new things and grow and change.  I wish he would stay little forever. 

Overall Jojo had a great month.  He still has a darn cold.  I wish it would go away completely but it is lingering.  Here is what Jojo has been up too.

*He is still crusing around like crazy

*Favorite word and person is Momma (hope this never changes)
*Will stand for a couple seconds by himself

*Still eats well except he hasn't been taking his bottle too well.
*His bottom 2 teeth are in and he is working on his top fangs and front tooth.  My own little vampire 

*Sleeps like a champ most nights.  
*Waves "Hi" and "Bye"
*Shakes his head no
*Love any and all balls

*Puffs, cherrios, and Yogurt melts are favorites

Not sure of his length this month but his weight is 20lbs 11.5oz.  He is truly the light of my life.  His smile melts my heart.  I am truly blessed to call this little one mine. 

Happy 10 months little man.  Momma loves soooooooo very much!

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