Wednesday, September 15, 2010

16 Weeks!

I am an avocado today.  Things are moving right along as I continue to grow.  I now weigh about 3-5 oz and I am approximately 4-5" long.  My eyes are now working and I can look side to side and detect light, even though my eyelids are still sealed.  My eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are filling in.  Hopefully I won't be bald when I am born.  I am able to practice making faces and my facial muscles are developing.  My taste buds are now formed and I can hear thanks to my tiny bones in my ears developing.  I have also developed my fingernails and toenails.  Pretty soon Mommy should be able to feel me moving around.  It won't be long til Mommy and Daddy are able to find out if I am a boy or girl.  What an exciting day that will be.

Thanks to everyone for praying for me and keeping up with me as I grow into a little person. 

Til next week .......

Love to all,
Baby M

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