Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Baby M is now the size of a papaya, weighing in at about a pound and is 10.5-11.8".  Sleep cycles are being practiced with Baby M sleeping about 12-14 hrs a day.  A cute little face is fully formed along with eyebrows and eyelashes.  Baby M is able to perceive light and dark as well as hear outside noise.  This baby will be another country music lover.  HAHA.  Music to babies ears are voices, heart beat, and blood circulating.  

I had my doctor appointment today.  Everything is going well.  Heart beat was 152-154.  Doctor was pleased with the sonogram results, weight gain, and heart beat.  My next visit will be the day before Thanksgiving.  I am to have my glucose screening a few days before I go.  I am dreading that.  Hopefully all goes well.

That's all for this week. 

Til next time
Love to all-   Jina and Baby M

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  1. Just wait and see Aunt Julie will teach him what good music