Monday, October 11, 2010

It's a BOY!!

Hi everyone.  Surprise, we are having a boy!  Jason and I went Friday to have our sonogram done.  It was a surprise to everyone.  We didn't share that we were going because it was a surprise for my mom's birthday.  We arrived at CRA in Geramntown and I was nervous.  Not sure why but I was.  That's me though.  We registered and it was long til we were watching our little angel on the screen.  It is so amazing to be able to see the baby.  The tech asked if we wanted to know and of course I was like of course.  Jason was his calm and cool self.   I swear I don't know what would get him excited.  He is very happy he is getting his boy.  I am as well.  It is such a great feeling. 

We took my mom out for supper Saturday night for her birthday.  I invited Jason's mom and Elmer to come along.  This was all party of my plan.  No one was any wiser.  I had ordered a cake with BLUE icing to reveal that's is what were having.  That plan backfired.  We weren't allowed to take the cake in.  Good thing I had a back up plan.  I had copied the sonogram picture and put a blue polka dot border around it and It's a BOY!  I gave them face down to Mom, Bev, and Gran.  Said Jason and I got all the mom's a present.  When they turned them over they were all surprised.  It was great to share that with everyone.  So now we are going to be the proud parent of a little boy in March.  Words can not express how happy we are.

Til Wednesday.....
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

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