Wednesday, December 1, 2010

27 Weeks!

Hard to believe it has been 27weeks.  Time is sure flying by.  Before we all know it Baby M will be here.  I for one can't wait to meet the little guy.  Skin is still wrinkled and will stay this way til a few weeks after birth when it will smooth and stretch itself out.  Retinas are developing and will be able to adjust to light images.  Just like most babied Baby M's eyes are blue and will prob be blue at birth.  The big question is whether they will change after the first few months.  Baby M will continue to begin developing his own sleep and wake patterns.  Hopefully they are the same as mommy's but I am sure they won't be.    He is still pretty active little guy letting me know he is in there an doing well.  Next week will be a busy week for me.  I will have my rhoGam shot on Wednesday, doctor appointment Thursday, and Friday is Jason's Christmas party.  Stay tuned for next weeks updates.

Til then......
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

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  1. Love your posts, this pregnancy is flying by! I can't find the poll to vote for names though:(