Wednesday, November 10, 2010

24 Weeks!

I think I might be in trouble.  This little man sure is an active little fella at times.  WOW!  But it's great.  I am so happy to be blessed with such a gift.  I can't wait to meet him.  As far as development goes he is growing by leaps and bounds.  Baby M is approximately 11" and 1.2-1.5 lbs.  He should start gaining more weight  more rapidly.  Inner ear is developed and he can sense his movements as well as mine.  Organs are continuing to mature.  Lung are also busy developing branches which will start producing surfactant which will help Baby M's lungs from sticking together and help him breathe after birth.  He also has control of his senses.  Last but not least Baby M is developing white blood cells to help fight off disease and infection. 

The house was a buzz over the weekend.  Jason was home by himself having to work Saturday.  When I arrived home Sunday he had been quite busy.  Had had stripped the baby's room and taped it up for painting. The daunting task of stripping the dresser was attempted as well.  Jason said it's going to take to much to strip and refinish so we will be looking for a dresser for the room as well.   He also has started the process of installing the ceiling fan.  Last night he patched 3 holes from where nails had popped the drywall.  Jason has to work this weekend as well maybe he will get he room painted.  I am grateful he is able to do all this work himself. 

Til next week-
Love to all-
Jina and Baby M

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