Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MIA .....

Now here is  huge post to catch up.  I neglected to do a 16mo and 17 mo post about Jojo.   He has survived though.  LOL.  This summer has been super busy.  We have been playing outside a ton, swimming in the pool, helping daddy fix things, and riding toys everywhere.  So here is the start of the catch up....

Father's Day Jojo and I took Jason to Bonefish for dinner followed by Coldstone.  It was a win win for everyone.  When we got home we had a few visitors in our yard.  First time in a awhile I have seen deer in our yard.  It was funny to see Jojo's reaction.  He thought they were dogs.

Fourth of July was spent with good friends.  We were invited to Jason and Molly's house for a picnic and swimming.  This was the first time I was able to swim with Jojo.  It was a nice relaxing day.  Erin and Jojo are good buddies. 

One weekend when we were home I met up with Cara and 2 of her boys and we went to Build-A Bear workshop.  Jojo seemed to enjoy it.  He picked out a brown dog and calls him "Pup-a".  This is the only animal he has shown an attachment to.  He is usually in the car with us all the time.  Once in awhile he will want to bring him in and play. 

Occasionally Jojo wakes up before I have gotten my shower.  When this happens Jojo get to sit on my bed and have breakfast in bed.  It usually consists of Cheerios and some kind of fruit.

This summer was Jojo's first corn on the cob experience.  Uncle Timmy gave us some yummy corn and Jojo went to town.   He did surprisingly well

We have taken Jojo to the carnival a couple times this year. The first was much less crowded and hot then this last time.  But we were able to take Caroline with us.  Love her.  Thanks to Jason and Molly for "Beep Beep" it is better for Jojo.  He doesn't seem to mind riding in the car.

Another favorite spot recently has been Paradise of Fun in the FSK mall.  We met up with Cara and the boys one Saturday morning and they had a blast.  Just a month before our last visit Jojo needed help on most of the pieces.  Not this time.

We have be super lucky to inherit a lot of super nice toys for Jojo.  Molly and Jason gave us " Beep Beep" car, a roller coaster , and a swing.  Clint and Amy gave us a slide and Jeff and Linda gave us an incredible pool.  Jojo has been loving them all.  We also bought him a little  outside chair.  Jojo also learned how to spray the hose.  He loves water.


Jojo sat all by himself this past month for his haircut.  The kids loves to get his hair cut.  He sits very well for as little as he is.  By now he is a pro.

Our well pump went last weekend and Jojo helped daddy fix it.  He is in love with fixing things and using anything and everything as a screwdriver.

This petty much sums up our lives for the last two months.  I will leave you with possible two of the cutest kids ever.  My wish for them is that they are able to remain close friends forever. 

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