Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 months

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Time as we know it is flying by.  Jojo is continuing to grow and thrive.  He is an amazing little person and the light of my life.  If I am having a bad day just holding and cuddling him make everything better.  Jojo is currently weighing about 12.5lbs.  I can tell he is getting heavier.  I have been transitioning him over to formula as of this past Saturday.  So far so good.  I hope he doesn't have any issues.  This was a heartbreaking decision for me but I am ok with it now.  Supply issues and medical issues are the reason for that decision. 

Last Thursday evening while changing his diaper I was talking to him and he laughed out loud for the first time.  Music to my ears.  I have only managed to get him to laugh one more time since then.  It is a great sound that you can't help but to smile at.  Then on Friday little man decided he was going to start rolling over. Yep, that's right belly to back 4 times in a row.  He is growing up so fast.  I was talking with his babysitter yesterday and she said while on his belly yesterday he popped his butt up in the air and was trying to scoot.  Definitely not ready for that one.  All I have to say is slow down little man so momma can enjoy these precious day with you. 

We have a big weekend coming up.  It will be Jason's first Father's Day and Jojo will be baptized.  I hope to have pictures to share with everyone next week.  Until then here are some updated pictures.

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