Wednesday, May 2, 2012

14 months

and I wouldn't change it for the world.  I know I am always saying it is the best but it really is.  I love experiencing each stage and watching him grow into a little person. 

Jojo is still a mover and a shaker. He doesn't like to be still for very long. We have our climber back and man is he out in full force. Jojo will climb on and in everything and anything. Walking is a thing of the past he is full out running most of the time. We have experienced a few busted lips and boo boos due to his need for speed.

Jojo is saying so many words I probably couldn't list them all. Here are a few new regulars: poop (lovely, right?) tag (for his taggie),all gone, juice, mou mou ( Mickey Mouse). He is finally starting to clap more regularly.  I think it is awesome.  He raises his arms when you ask him how big he is.  Over the weekend he has learned to honk peoples noses. 

A few of his favorite things are taggie, Mickey Mouse, being outside, going to the park, reading books, baths, brushing his hair, peek-a-boo, and climbing I'm sure is on his list of favorites. 

Jojo is still a great eater.  He loves his fruits and veggies most.  We have introduced him to fish and he is a fan of course.  He has had shrimp and crabs along with a few other types of fish. Hummus sandwiches are a favorite of his for lunch.  We have been working on using utensils and he does a pretty good job but it gets kind of messy.  Jojo also knows where his ears, hair, teeth, nose, and feet are.  Another tooth popped through this month so we are up to 7.  There are more just waiting to come through. 

We are blessed to have a such a happy healthy boy.  He brings alot of joy to our lives.  Looking forward to see what new things he accomplishes this month.

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