Monday, July 11, 2011

4 month appointment

We had a big day Thursday. Jojo came to work with me. I worked a half day and he was really good. He ate, slept, played, and watched me work. I had an appointment and then his appointment.

Jojo's appointment went really well.  He weighed in at 14lbs 12oz(25-50%) and is 26" long(75%).  Doctor said he gets and A++ for his development.  He checked to make sure he could track items, bear some weigh on his legs, hold his head up , and bat at toys.  Jojo passed with flying colors.  We got the go ahead to start cereal and one fruit and one veggie.  At the end of the appointment he received his second round of immunizations.  He took them like a champ only crying for about a minute afterward. He slept the whole way to Finzel.  When we got to town we picked Granny up and went to the Hen House for supper.  What a nice treat after a long day.  We will go back to the doc for a well check on Sept. 6.  That will be his 6 month appointment.  In reality its not that far away.  The saying is so true........."Time stands still for no man. "

Til next time.....

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