Friday, July 1, 2011

4 months

Jojo turned 4 months old on Tuesday.  His official stats won't be in  til next week.  We have a doctor appointment on Thursday.  Here is a glimpse at how Jojo is doing

Height and weight-  approximately 24" and 14.5 lbs

Eyes and hair-  both brown like his momma

Clothes- currently wearing 0-3,3,and some 3-6

Eating- like his daddy LOL!  4 oz bottles every 2.5-3 hrs

Movement- all this boy does is move.  He can roll belly to back, kicks his feet, has pretty good hand coordination.

Sleeping- he still doe NOT sleep thru the night.  He does pretty well though.  Goes to bed between 8-830.  Wakes around 230 to eat and then again at 430.  He eats and goes right back to sleep. 

Words/sounds- He has recently started "talking"  He squawks like a pterodactyl and make lots of sounds.  Jason took a video the other night of him but it is on his phone that is older than dirt.  Quality is not good.  I have tried to get one with my phone but Jojo is not cooperating.

Loves- to stand, be outside, his lovey, sometime Sophie the giraffe, sitting up, eating his feet and baths.

Hates- getting in the car seat, waiting for his bottle, having his face wiped after bottles, and middle of the night diaper changes.

Our little guy is growing so fast.

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