Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This was Jojo's first Halloween.  Although we didn't take Jojo trick-or-treating I still had fun dressing him up in his costumes.  One day last week I took Jojo to a local park and took some pictures of him in his chicken suit.  He didn't seem to mind it at all.  Here is my favorite picture of him in this costume. 
On Sunday Bev had us all over for a little trick-or-treat get together.  It was good to see the kids in their costumes.  I wish I would have got a picture of all of them together.  Abby was a butterfly, Jonathan was Tigger, David was a monkey, and Alysa was a lion.  God has certainly blessed our family with cute kids. 
My sister also bought Jojo an outfit or costume.  It is a West Virginia Mountaineer.  Jojo looks super cute it that one as well.  Looks like it was made for him. 

Monday we didn't do anything since we had a rough night Sunday.  We handed out candy at the house.  When the doorbell would ring I would get Jojo and go to the door he would get super excited.  When the kids walked away he couldn't understand what we had just done.  But we had fun.  He wasn't very cooperative to get a picture of his cute outfit.  It was a black and orange onesie that said Mommy's little pumpkin with gray and black striped pants with a pumpkin on the butt.  What a cutie!  Next year I am sure will be a blast when he is actually able to go trick-or-treating.  Hope everyone had a good time with the kids.  We already know what Jojo's costume will be next year.  He definitely has the hair for it.

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