Friday, February 3, 2012

And He's off......

I can offically say we have a walker.  It seems like overnight he gained more courage and balance.  When I picked Jojo up yesterday he was walking all over the place more than a few steps.  I love to watch him walk.  We kind of make a big deal out of it.  Jason and I watched him walk acorss the kitchen and we were clapping and praising him.  We may be a little crazy ( well I know I am) but this is huge accomplishment for Jojo.  It seems like yesterday that he was sitting on his own.  Now we have a full on walker. 

Keep up the good work buddy!


  1. Your such a big boy've grown way too fast. Aunt Julie loves you Lil man...

  2. YAH!!! What a big boy! Congrats! Now you wish he'll just sit down for a second!