Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jojo's birthday

One week ago my little man turned 1.  It's was hard to believe how fast that year went.  Jojo is a super special little boy so Momma tried to make his birthday special too. 

I was able to slip into Jojo's room and fill it with balloons for him to see when he woke up.  At first you were a little grumpy because Momma had to wake you.  Then you were excited to see them. 

Next stop was daycare.  Jojo was greeted by his favorite person Maddison.  She went into school late so she could see Jojo and give him his present.  She loves him so much.  Miss Brittany had a special lunch plan for him as well. Jojo was able to play with is friends part of the day.  Miss Brittany even made special cake pops for the lunch celebration. 

I picked Jojo up early and we headed to the doctor for his check up.  He is doing great he weighed in at 23 lbs and is 30" long, 50 percentile for both.  Jojo had to get 4 shots and he was not a fan at all.  When we went home we played a little and I tried to get some pictures.  It wasn't a complete failure. 

We headed to Frederick for your very first birthday dinner.  We chose Mariachi.  It is one of Momma and Daddy's favorites.  Jojo was acting silly and singing loud through out dinner. 
Jojo finished up his birthday dinner of chicken, rice, beans and guacamole with a nice dish of ice cream with caramel and whipped cream.  He loved it. 

We ended the day by watching a little Mickey Mouse clubhouse and lots of kisses and hugs.  I hope Jojo had a great day even though he will never remember. 

 I love you Jojo.

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