Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 weeks

Jojo is doing great.  He has had some fussiness but we are getting through it.  Sometimes it doesn't feel like we will be able to make it but  we do and he is back to being a good baby.  Some how you remember those fussy times more so than the good times.  We ended up taking Jojo to the doctor on Friday for his belly button.  The stump fell off last Sunday and it had been bleeding ever since.  Not a lot but enough to scab over.  I was worried about infection.  A quick trip to the doctor and everything is fine.  She said it still needed to dry out from the inside out.  They weighed him while we were there and he is back up to his birth weight.  I guess I am good for something.  LOL!  We are to have pictures taken Thursday.  I hope he cooperates.  We are going to go back home this weekend.  I am glad.  I am going crazy here everyday by myself.  It's tough.  Hopefully this trip goes well.  Jojo has his one month checkup on Monday :(  Will post after his appointment.  

Here are some pics of Jojo at 2 weeks.  He is pretty cute if I do say so myself.

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